Over the last 32 years, millions of lives have been changed simply because volunteers of The Art of Living have stood up in their communities and asked “What is it that can we do for you?” In the process, we have successfully executed projects in India that span many areas of social development including:

  • Integrated Community Development

  • Health and hygiene

  • Education

  • Vocational training and skills development

  • Environment protection and sustainability

  • Women empowerment and child protection

  • Prisoner rehabilitation and conflict resolution

  • Disaster relief management

Our volunteers have worked passionately and spontaneously, often responding to crisis and challenges when they arise. However, we understand that the challenge and opportunity ahead of us is immense and to ensure sustainability and impact, we have evolved to develop defined methodology for selection of our projects and for planning and executing them to the best of our ability.


Each opportunity is closely scrutinized for its proposed impact and assessed for a strategic fit with our skills and competencies. We partner with organizations to expand possibilities because we understand that anything worthwhile and substantial requires the collective wisdom and effort of all stakeholders. At all stages of the project, we are single-pointedly focused on delivering meaningful and measurable results and creating a difference in the lives of people we serve.


The greatest fortune in human life is to be able to say that ‘I want nothing, I am here for you’.


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