There has been an unprecedented interest in social and developmental projects from companies and donors after the government mandated CSR as a part of the Companies Act 2013. The responsibility of strategizing and executing CSR initiatives has been pushed to the boardrooms of companies and their executive teams are now looking at NGOs like the Art of Living who have rich and diverse experience to help them plan and implement CSR initiatives.


Responding to these needs, The Art of Living’s Project Management Unit (PMU) has created a Rural Manager Training Program (RMTP) that trains capable young leaders to be efficient managers who can work with the field teams and drive sustainable and high-impact social change. These motivated and skilled Rural Managers manage and lead one or more projects and act as a bridge between the Project Management Unit and the ground implementation teams led by YLTP trained Yuvacharyas.


Rural Managers are responsible for marshalling YLTP resources, implementing projects under guidance from the PMU, monitoring progress and reporting planned activities and related expenditure.



This project execution model aims to maximize the returns on CSR investments by ensuring tight project and financial management so that the projects are executed successfully and they meet or exceed their expected outcome.


RMTP transforms capable young leaders to be efficient managers who create social value