The Art of Living—Projects Management Unit (PMU) is a special technical wing within The Art of Living that implements holistic solutions for social, economic and environmental issues. Our goal is to enable transformation by acting as intermediary between various resource providers and communities. These connections combined with our empowerment, accountability and sustainability models, enable a lasting impact towards our shared goals.

How we Work


Holistic Approach: In order to have long-term effectiveness, it is important for us to have a holistic management approach. We focus on developing strong partnerships and maintaining secure collaborations with financial and technical support institutions. These connections combined with our strong social and developmental model, enable sustainable impact towards our shared goals.


Empowerment Model: Our Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) transforms vulnerable individuals into leaders in their communities. They become proactive ‘advocates’ for change and ‘owners’ of their challenges.


Project Model: We work with these empowered leaders toward complete development of their communities. Our end-to-end project management strategy includes initiating, planning, implementing, monitoring and closing. The initiating stage involves a needs assessment study and a plan design to determine the financial and technical support required for the project.


Accountability Model: We provide project accounts and activity reports at periodic intervals throughout the project. At our closing stage, we provide a final financial accountability report that identifies where and how the funds were used. During this stage, we also provide a post impact analysis report which evaluates the impact of our guidance in the established project area to determine its effectiveness. This allows us to identify improvements needed to strengthen future projects.


Sustainability Model: Our empowered community leaders continue to be torch bearers for their community long after project timelines are over making our impact sustainable.


A true leader lets go of control...he creates leaders, not followers.